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Animals and Wildlife

Animal Live Cameras

China, Korea and Asia - Stop cooking dogs alive!

Animals cannot speak to defend themselves - compassionate people need to speak for them.

"Qui male agit odit lucem." ("He who behaves badly hates the light.")
Bible: John 3:20 - Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.

If everyone helps a little, we can eliminate animal suffering worldwide!

Domesticated Animals Abuse

Cats Abuse

Dogs Abuse

Farm Animals - Horses and Donkeys Abuse

Farm Animals - Pigs Abuse

Farm Animals - Chickens, Turkeys, Poultry Abuse

Farm Animals - Rabbits Abuse

Farm Animals - Cows, Cattle and Bulls Abuse

Pets Abuse

Farm Animals Abuse

Wild Animals Abuse

Rhinoceros Abuse

Elephants Abuse

Circus - Lions, Tigers and Big Cats Abuse

Circus - Bears Abuse

Research Animals - Primates, Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Monkeys, etc. Abuse

Circus Animals Abuse

Animals used in Research and Laboratories Abuse

Marine, Ocean and Water Species Abuse

Wildlife Animals Abuse


Wildlife - Wildlife Endangered Species

Wildlife - Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife - Arthropods, Insects, Crustaceans, Spiders, Worms

Wildlife - Land Species

Wildlife - Marine, Ocean and Water Species

Pets, Shelters & Farms

Pets - Cats

Pets - Dogs

Pets - Fish

Pets - Birds

Pets - Rabbits

Pets - Reptiles

Farms - Farm Animals

Pets - Service Animals

Pets, Shelters & Farms - Other Animals


Environmental - Environmental Conservation

Environmental - Earth & Soil

Environmental - Plant Life

Environmental - Water

Environmental - Other Environmental


Disasters - Humanitarian Aid

Disasters - Man-Made Disasters

Disasters - Natural Disasters

Disasters - Other Disasters

Health & Medical

Health & Medical - TTAC - The Truth About Cancer

TTAC - The Truth About Cancer - A Global Quest 2015

TTAC - The Truth About Cancer - Ultimate Live Symposium 2016

TTAC - The Truth About Cancer - Live Event 2017

TTAC - The Truth About Cancer - The Truth About Detox

TTAC - The Truth About Cancer - The Truth About Pet Cancer

TSP - The Sacred Plant - Healing Secrets Exposed

Health & Medical - Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition & Diet - FOK - Forks Over Knives

Health & Medical - Medical Disabilities

Health & Medical - Medical Diseases

Health & Medical - Medical Surgeries

Health & Medical - Other Health


Community - Education

Community - Faith & Religion

Community - Family

Community - Family - Children

Community - Family - Other Family

Community - Human Rights

Community - Memorials & Funerals

Community - Other Community

Military & Police

Military & Police - Active Duty

Military & Police - Veterans

Military & Police - Other Military

Military & Police - Other Law Enforcement

Charity & Non-Profits

Charity & Non-Profits - Missions & Service Projects

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