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Help Stop Urban Deer Slaughter

Meandering along the Potomac River, carving its way from the Lincoln Memorial through the tall trees and past beautiful homes to the National Zoo, Rock Creek Parkway has long been recognized as one of the most historic and scenic drives in America.

In Defense of AnimalsIt's even listed on the register of National Historic Places...

But alongside the sweetly scented cherry blossoms and picture postcard serenity is the scene of something HORRIFIC – Rock Creek Park.

Established by Congress as a haven for flora and fauna over a century ago, the park is today the site of the OFFICIALLY SANCTIONED MURDER of a gentle herd of deer who have roamed these woods since before Colonial days.

And if the National Park Service (NPS) has its way, more than 3 out of 4 of these trusting woodland creatures will be dead by 2015, slaughtered in cold blood.

It's being funded by your tax dollars. In Defense of Animals needs help now to continue fighting it. We need your support, urgently – please click now to give.

Because there's something the NPS doesn't want you to know...

Less than 4 hours north of bloody Rock Creek Park, lies a town called Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. It meanders along a different river, equally beautiful.

But here, caring residents have REJECTED the open slaughter of their urban deer. In this riverside hamlet, they are about to change the course of history.

Please give now to help raise the $12,000 IDA needs to continue helping Hastings-on-Hudson set a new precedent – and save urban deer from a bloody end.

You see, there is a simple ... humane ... and far more cost-effective way to control urban deer populations in America.

No netting and bolting to the brain. No baiting, no gunning deer down where they stand (that cost US Taxpayers a six figure bill).

Decades ago scientists had already developed immunocontraception – and the National Park Service knows it – but they just don't want you to know!!!

The deer-friendly birth control costs just $75 per vaccine, not anywhere near the $5,200 taxpayer dollars per night that the NPS's pays for their hired guns.

In Defense of AnimalsThe deer vaccine is refined into a single air-dart injection with a subsequent booster -- 100% environmentally safe with no side effects, and HALTS pregnancy for two full years.

Across our nation, city administrators are watching Hastings-on-Hudson and its immunocontraception project – waiting to see its success so that they too can adopt this program.

Hastings' Mayor Peter Swiderski has already sent an email thanking me and YOU for your gracious support:

"...we are grateful for IDA's early support of our efforts and look to collaborate with you in upcoming years as we hope this project yields a successful outcome that other communities can emulate."

To help this visionary town (of less than 8000 residents) please give – $75 for a vaccine, $38 for partial funding, or any amount you choose:

The alternative?

I'm heartsick to tell you, but more of our nation's hallowed ground stands to fall unless we stop the National Park Service slaughter in its tracks.

Gettysburg and Valley Forge are already using "deer management" (murder). And National Battlefields Antietam, Monocacy, and Manassas could be next.

We will fight to the last breath to stop the slaughter of our nation's urban deer. We will not allow caring citizens like the good people of Hastings-on-Hudson to be silenced. We will never rest while there are still innocent animals, killed and abused in the world.

Click here to rush your donation to In Defense of Animals and support Hastings-on-Hudson's brave decision to make history – to save urban deer.

It's time we set the record straight.

For your support... for your strength... and as ever, for your trust, I thank you.


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